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Collections insurance

Enjoy your valuable collections, knowing they're properly protected

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Whether you collect ceramics or contemporary art, sculptures or stamps, watches or Winston's you will want to ensure your collection is appropriately protected.

You will also want to enjoy your collection rather than have to hide it away. Our Private Client team will assist you in arranging a policy to suit you and your collection.


Art insurance

From Old Masters to contemporary masterpieces, paintings to sculptures, wherever your passion for art lies, you can be confident we’ll be equally as passionate about protecting your prized art collection.


Watch insurance

As well as being a significant financial investment, we know that your luxury watches hold personal and sentimental value, and are items to be cherished and protected. So we can deliver specialist watch insurance as part of your personal insurance portfolio with your lifestyle in mind.


Wine and spirits insurance

From 50-year-old whisky, expertly blended cognac, limited edition Tequila, to rare vintage champagnes, whether you’ve collected bottles for special birthdays, anniversaries, reminders of sun-drenched holidays or simply because you love it, you’ll want to make sure your collection is adequately protected.


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