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Personal cyber security insurance

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Why do you need cyber security insurance?

In an increasingly connected world, with our lives becoming more digital focused, from streaming TV, utilising smart home devices to online banking, it’s important to have personal cyber security insurance in place to protect you and your family.

With cyber-crime continuing to rise in scale and complexity, having assistance on hand to help restore your home systems, remove viruses and cover financial loss, should you fall victim to a cyber-attack, can be invaluable. 

  • Access to breach specialists – In the event of a cyber-attack you’ll have access to a team of specialists to help navigate the situation.
  • Claims support – A dedicated claims team to help ‘bust the jargon’ and get the right outcome for you and your family.
  • Cyber legal defence – Cover for the defence costs and expenses for claims made against you, for events such as computer virus transmission and data breaches from your home systems. 

How our personal cyber insurance experts can help

Our team of prestige insurance experts will discuss your needs and priorities, before working with our panel of trusted insurers to arrange a personal cyber insurance policy that is truly fit for purpose. Should you or your family fall victim to a cyber-attack, we understand it can be extremely distressing and something you’ll want assistance with quickly. That’s why in addition to comprehensive cover, your policy will also feature access to a team of breach specialists that can help you address risks and issues at pace.

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Mark Perkins, Private Clients Director


What can cyber security insurance include?

Our Private Clients team can arrange personal cyber insurance that offers the protection for:

  • Cyber extortion – most commonly occurring in the form of ransomware. 
  • Social engineering – often conducted via email, when fraudsters trick an individual into giving passwords, bank information, or access to devices, resulting in financial loss.
  • Cyber theft ‒ providing financial reimbursement for the costs associated with the theft of digital information and assets up to your policy's limits. 
  • Hacker damage – should hackers manage to bypass your antivirus and firewalls to gain access to your computer, you’ll want help trying to retrieve personal data and repair corrupted items. 
  • Cyber media liability – if a malicious third party gains access to your personal email or social media accounts, the consequences can be severe, potentially with claims being brought against you.

Personal dedicated service

Each of our clients and their families have their own dedicated Client Executive looking after them. As our clients' needs change and develop, so do their policies.


We work with a variety of insurers, risk management and security consultants to identify the best ways to improve the protection afforded to our clients' most valuable assets. This means we can provide an impartial solution that works

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