High net worth insurance

High net worth insurance

We're here to help with your high net worth insurance

You may have multiple residences at home and abroad, own high value collections and enjoy many different personal interests and pursuits. We understand you want to protect your valuable assets and enjoy your lifestyle without being restricted by unnecessary limits and conditions. 

Whether your home is a listed or contemporary building, as property values increase, risk levels also rise. If you have items of significant value—from jewellery and fine art to expensive furnishing, prestige and performance cars to yachts and motorboats—they need protecting with high net worth insurance. 

Standard insurance may not provide the protection you need if you have to make a claim in the event of an accident or theft. High net worth insurance will give you added protection and peace of mind should something go wrong.

By getting to know you better, we provide cover that's right for you. Our straightforward, personal approach saves you time and delivers the very best outcome.

  • Prevention is as important as protection
    Our team will offer valuable proactive risk advice, from how to secure your safe, the fitting of water leak detectors, or your family's use of social media.
  • Specialist advice
    As part of the world's leading insurance broker and risk adviser, we have access to specialist markets allowing us to design the right insurance for each individual.
  • Personal service
    You'll have the expertise of a dedicated adviser who will provide the right protection for you. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to make a claim, we'll be here to provide a proactive, reassuring claims service.

How our high net worth insurance experts can help

Our team of experienced advisers will take the time to understand your high net worth insurance requirements. We'll work with you to develop comprehensive high value insurance, including relevant and valuable additional services that offer real benefits.

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What can high net worth insurance cover?

We're here when you need us — supporting you, your family and your lifestyle.

Prestige homes and estates, UK and overseas
Your house. It's more than just bricks and mortar. It's where memories are made and traditions created. It's your home.

Property development and renovation insurance
Are you choosing to improve rather than move? Don't forget to check whether your project is covered under your home insurance policy.

Second home

When you own a second home (or multiple homes), you want to ensure that it is as protected as your primary home.

Fine art, jewellery and collections
Whether you collect ceramics or contemporary art, sculptures or stamps, watches or Winston's, ensure your collection is appropriately protected.

Specialist sports and hobbies
Whether you have a passion for snowboarding or cycling, golf or fishing, you will have a range of specialist equipment to help you indulge your interest.

Protect your wine collection whether you buy for the long term or for pleasure.

Prestige and performance cars and family fleet
You've chosen to drive something special, and we understand that your prestige or classic car is more than a means of transport.

Yachts and motorboats
When you enjoy a specialist leisure pursuit such as sailing, ensure your insurance protects you both on and off the water.

Whether you enjoy flying or gliding, protect both yourself and your aircraft.

Bloodstock and equine
We understand that your horses are more than just an asset; they can be a hobby and a passion which you'll want adequately protected.

Private health and wellbeing
Making sure you are properly protected should you become unwell or have an accident helps to reassure and can get back on your feet.

Wealth management
Financial planning can be ever-changing and time-consuming. You want your money to work hard, providing the returns necessary for you to achieve your future goals and aspirations.

Cyber security and ID theft
As the risk of online fraud and identity theft increases so to does the need to adequately protect yourself.

It may be a holiday of a lifetime or simply a trip to one of your other properties, but it's essential to ensure you are appropriately protected.